KYC checks that never compromise the customer experience

Focus on Your Users

First impressions count in business. So, it’s always important that performing those necessary compliance checks don’t feel like you’re asking your customer to jump through hoops.

In an “always on” society, you can’t afford to ignore the ease and efficiency of digital onboarding, which is where Artisio Compliance comes in. By integrating those important identity, document and liveness verification steps in one single-point Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solution, you can reduce drop-off rates and make the complex nature of compliance procedures feel much simpler. And thanks to our additional functionality and efficiencies, we can help you maximise your returnon investment and focus instead on other business critical tasks.

Artisio KYC Tools

At Artisio we employ machine learning to simplify the complexities of achieving compliance. With our solution you can check multiple identity documents, including passports, driving licences, national ID cards, BRPs and Visas

Liveness video
Voice verification
Biometric facial recognition
Lip-synching and anti-spoofing technologies

Improve verification through automated Know Your Business checks

Trust is a crucial part of any business relationship

It must always be built on solid foundations. Thanks to our market-leading KYB solution, you can verify and monitor companies in real time with an automated tool that not only achieves AML compliance but helps improve operational efficiency, too.

Take a proactive approach

We understand that KYB onboarding has historically been a frustrating experience for many organisations – particularly when it comes to regulated industries. There are many challenges to be faced, including the requirement to perform complex identity verification on directors, beneficial owners or both. Document verification, proof of address and in-person screening calls may also be required.

Having the ability to refine, streamline and speed up this process can significantly improve your relationship with businesses and showcase your commitment to quality service.

Thanks to Artisio, you can provide a fast, compliant and frictionless experience. Our KYB solution automates the verification of international company entities, as well as the identity verification of key individuals. This is done in real time for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes.

Ongoing compliance

Artisio’s rules engine will help you to prioritise the cases that need your attention most. This can mean highlighting sanctions in force in your jurisdiction or alerting you when further investigation is necessary.

Once verification is completed, company details and those of the directors or beneficial owners are all added to Artisio’s ongoing monitoring service. As a result, you will be instantly notified of any changes in ownership or directorship or PEPS and Sanctions status. Information is held in a secure, searchable archive to maximise ease of reference and ensure a full audit trail.

Key benefits include:

Automated client monitoring

Things can change quickly in the workplace. So, you can never assume that the client you first met months or years ago is going to be the same in the future. That’s why it is crucial to take a proactive approach to client risk management.

Artisio’s monitoring solution is designed to provide automatic alerts when there is a risk profile change to one of your onboarded clients. This solution is fully customisable so that you only ever see the organisation or individual changes that are relevant to you. Risks can relate to political exposure, sanctions or adverse media.

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